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Tour the marine environment

Go on a personal environmental adventure in the heart of Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary!

Join us for a 2 hour tour of Fla. Bay, presented in a compelling, clear and entertaining narrative by Master Capt. Bill Todd, Sailor, Marine Environmentalist and Longtime Islamorada Resident. The tour begins at the Casa-Morada basin, followed by a visit to the amazing and nearby Mangrove Islands and Seagrass Nursery. Offering an excellent view, “Voyager”, our tour boat is comfortable, stable and dry and the sheltered waters of Islamorada are normally smooth and clear.

Explore the diverse and beautiful natural environment that surrounds the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary

Capt. Bill will bring you face to face with many of the amazing species of marine life. Among the “Critters”, you’ll meet Larval shrimp, baby lobsters, starfish, seahorses, colorful nudibranch (sea-slugs) shellfish and many more. The tour covers an overview of how the Mangrove root systems, seagrass beds, together with sponge species play a huge role in bay water quality and provide one of the richest marine habitats in the world. Capt. Bill has a gift of sharing the many secrets of our tropical home in a fun, hands on, informative way. Encounter Large Marine Wildlife: Manatees, Bottle Nosed Dolphins, Manta and Stingrays, Sharks & Tarpon.

Historic Tours

A short boat ride takes you to the site of a “Wrecker’s Town” on Indian Key, where the preserved foundations, rainwater cisterns and narrow streets await. The island was formed by the ancient coral reef, the first home for original settlers, a battle ground. This town was the County Seat of Dade County (Miami) in 1836. The entire island is now a Florida State Historic Park. The park’s welcome area is a great spot to enjoy lunch in the cool ocean breeze, and the surrounding waters of the island provide great snorkeling as well. Ancient nautical charts going back to the late 1400’s identified Islamorada (Maticumbe Key). In fact, Columbus recorded his search for water here in 1510.

The area is also home to many shipwrecks, the wreck of Overseas Railroad in the Mega-Hurricane of 1935.

Learn to Sail

Fun and safe sailing lessons, rides with quick check out. Whether you are a beginner, novice or old salt, need instruction or want to just brush up your sailing skills, Capt. Bill can help you enjoy this sailor’s paradise aboard one of our easy to sail Sunfish ( $50 day) or our 20ft Classic O’day Mariner “Satori”. ($50 hr – 150 half day)

Bird Watching

Awe-inspiring, intellligent creatures for the Florida bay also includes the avian varieties. These wondrous creatures show throughout the day around the islands and docking areas. We offer special afternoon trips to the Three Sisters Bird Rookery, where hundreds of birds from multiple species come to roost at dusk. Bird watching is also a part of the amazing adventure you set out on to sate the explorer in you.

About the Casa Tour Boat

“Voyager” is a Classic Sea Craft, and is safe, comfortable, shaded and comes equipped with a quiet, powerful and dependable 2013 Yamaha 150 hp four stroke motor. Capt. Bill and First Mate Elle, are standing by for your adventures on the water.

About Capt. Bill

Bill grew up in the Keys, and holds a US Coast Guard Master Merchant Mariner License. Bill is a life long sailor and student of the Marine Environment, he is steeped in local history and local information.

About the Trips

2hr and 4hr (half day) trips are available. Add a picnic or stop at any one of the fine dock side dinning spots for a snack or lunch. Mix and match these available tours, with your own “Captain & Boat for the day”.

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