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Health and Wellness

After enjoying the marvelous activities, including snorkeling and sailing the pacific you might think of a restful happy place for you to just relax and rewind your newly acquired memories of awesome. Calm ocean breeze invites you a tranquil state of mind as you unwind at our wellness spa. All you need to do is just ask for an in-suite massage. We also have a day spa in the area that offers facials, massages and more. We think, a getaway should also enable you to open your mind, body and soul to be one with the nature’s best gifts to mankind. It’s time to resonate with the waves of the ocean with the ones of your mind and body, at Casa Morada.


Ease into a state of relaxation and melt away the tension with massage techniques created just for you. Our therapists are professionally trained and talented in a myriad of modalities, giving you a unique Casa Morada massage experience. Join your partner in a special Couples Massage.


Come into the awareness of your breath. Feel your breath flow in and flow out. You are all set to get distressed and relaxed as the mind eases into a quiet and calm space. Meditation is a simple but profound practice to help you find that stillness and inner peace you are longing for.

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